Hogwarts T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug

WARNING!  This is going to be a lengthy step-by-step tutorial on latch hook.

For our Hogwarts nursery I decided to make a latch hook rug out of scrap tshirts.  I used this tutorial on using t-shirt scraps instead of yarn for the latch hook.  This is the pattern I made using The Gimp. I put the grid over the crest- and then remembered that I’ll only be filling in every other square.  It still works though.

One t-shirt makes approx. 300 1″ x 4″ strips.  It takes one episode of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to cut up one t-shirt, and that’s skipping commercials.

You want t-shirts with as little writing on them as possible. I cut off the sleeves, hem and collar first.Instead of a quilting rotary cutter, I used this handy dandy tool.  Cut the shirt up into 1 inch strips.  We’ll deal with the length in a minute.This is one t-shirt in 1 inch strips.
If you’ve ever made a t-shirt scarf like this one you’ll be familiar with the process of turning t-shirt strips into t-shirt yarn.
First: hold each end of the strip in each hand.
Second: Pull tight.  The strip will coil in on itself and form a thin “yarn” strip.So now that you’ve done this with all your strips, you want to cut them into 4 inch lengths.  I just used scissors and did my best guestimating. Take a bunch, meaure 4 inches and cut ‘em up!Now you have a whole-lotta 4 inch long pieces of t-shirt yarn.And this is approximately 300 4 inch strips made from one scrap t-shrt.Now for the latch hook process.  I drew the shape onto my rug using the grid I had made in The GImp.Your supplies will be: latch hook, t-shirt yarn, and pattern.Step One: (And I’m sorry- I’m left handed, flip the pictures around if it helps!) Put your hook through the first square.Step Two: Loop your yarn around the hook
Step Three: When you pull back your latch hook will close. Pull the loop only through the square -not the ends.
Step Four: With your latch hook, grab the tail of your yarn. You will pull the tail through the loop.Step Five: Pull the ends tightly to be sure the yarn is secured.
And there you have it! Now just do it about 2 gazillion more times!  Keep in mind that because you’re using thick t-shirts instead of thin yarn you only have to use half as many strips.  Sometimes if the t-shirt is super thick, you’ll skip more than one!Work row-by-row.  Do not try to go by color.  It’ll all go awry and it’s a huge P.I.T.A.
5 rows:One full square of 10 rows:I’ve gotten a few full squares done and I’m super excited.  This is going to be one plush rug!  I’ll try to post weekly pics as I get more finished.  It’s going to take a while to get it all done.  I’d like to have it done in the next 5 weeks for the baby shower, but if not it’s ok.  As long as it’s done before the little parasite gets here <3

UPDATE 9/11/12
I have 3 full squares finished. 

3 thoughts on “Hogwarts T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug

  1. I LOVE this idea! I’m making my bathroom Harry themed, and I’m doing it all DIY. This is the best idea I’ve seen for a bathmat, and the tee-shirt material will help make it absorbent. Could you possibly email me your gimp file? Also, do you have a finished image? I’d love to see it!!

    • Unfortunately, this is one on those projects that I never finished… baby came 5 weeks early and threw a wrench into my crafting. I’ll see what I have saved and send over what I can. Let me know how yours turns out! I’d love to see it Alisha!!

  2. Can you email me the dimensions and the pattern please!! My sister’s birthday is in a few months and her and I are OBSESSED with Harry Potter. That would be awesome if you could do that for me:)

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